Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rangon Creepers @ Akar Dani

this is one of my favourite plants that scattered around my garden. apart from the colourful red and white blooming in one big clumps this flower also very fragrance especially at night. i let this plants grow on my pergolas..the only weak point is ths flower couldnt last long..last around 2 0r 3 days only..

soothing to the eyes

love it

very beautiful

hope u will enjoy it as much as i do..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pokok Buah Kemunting

this time i would like to introduce u this exotic fruits.we called it kemunting. when i was small, this fruit trees were abundance.u can find it everywhere..along the river, beach, in the rubber estate, everywhere. but now i have to buy it from the nursery for sentimental value. and ths plant was quite expensive. i bought it at RM25.00.

the fruit is small and before its can be ripen already sure kena kebas by birds. takde chance langsung! the color will turn from green, pinkish and black. quite sweet and taste something like guavas.anybody has tried it before?

small tiny fruits..its edible

small but cheerful

the flowers..nice pink