Thursday, February 17, 2011

Variety of Phals

i love is cute and has a nice smell..these phals below are my new additions.but the first pic is not a was given free by the nursery owner because we sapu lots of the orchids that day.i think it was a wild orchid from our jungle.but it has a nice flower and the smell is quite pungent.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Orchids Everywhere

my mom, my sister and i went for orchids shopping frenzy at Mambau Nursery last week. My mom totally crazy about the orchids displayed. she bought almost every hybrid species till the owner of the nursery thought we were going to celebrate Chinese New Year . but we told him why not? we also malaysian and we hold on to
1malaysia concept dearly..hehehe

i dont want to talk much. and as usual dont ask me the name or id. and i also bought few pots but my first choice is alway a phals. here is the photos..hope you will enjoy it as much as i enjoy it too.

but the phals i will show to you later..:)