Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How To Grow Mulberry (Morus Alba)

my unripe mulberry fruits
cant wait for this mulberry to ripe
nice to do mulberry lassi wth ths fruits..very refreshing
The Mulberry Tree (Morus alba) is a handsome, deciduous (looses its leaves in the winter), shade tree. Easily grown, this tree makes an attractive, fast growing landscape tree. Here is some information on how to grow a Mulberry Tree.

The Mulberry tree has large, palmate leaves of a rich green. It grows from 30' to 40' in height with a full, wide head which makes it ideal for shade. All too often it is planted where a smaller tree is preferred and is then regularly topped. Topping is a practice that is unhealthy for the tree and shouldn't be done since it encourages long, weak, spindly growth. It is much better to grow the Mulberry where it has adequate room to grow unfettered and show off its natural beauty with little maintenance. All this chopping not only hurts the tree, but it is a regular drain on the budget!

You can find fruiting and non-fruiting Mulberry varieties. Fruiting Mulberries can be very messy dropping dark, juicy fruits and staining pavements. On the other hand, fruits are tasty and nutritious for those who are willing to crop them - assuming you get to them before all the squirrels do!

Roots of the Mulberry can become a nuisance as they can travel along the surface of the ground ready to trip up unsuspecting feet. If you plant your Mulberry with a root guard around the root ball, you can encourage the roots to go down before they spread wide and avoid the surface root problem

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  1. yg wane putih tu bunganya ya?tgk bunga kat pokok tu, tiba2 idung kita gatal.kita ada alahan habuk dari flora n fauna....n pokok tu pertama kali tgk.

  2. wane putih tu ada kat buah..bila makin besar benda tu gugur kot..hilang..kelakar la anie ni..boleh gatal idung dgn tgk gamba aje..hehe

  3. nampak sihat je pokok mulberry. Kat rumah tinggal sepokok je... satu lagi mati waktu pindah ke sini. La ni dalam pasu je, jadi pokok mulberry tak galak tumbuh dan berbuah.

  4. salam bangchik..yg ni pun dalam pasu jugak..kena selalu pangkas biar tumbuh pucuk baru terus kluar buahnya.

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