Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Beautiful Water Plants

white flower water lilies..a gift from my beautiful and elegant.

purple colour water lilies..this is my favourite because since the day i bought her she has never stop flowering...

this also similar with the pic i showed u earlier but different species..entahapanamaentah!

this one is Bunga Kiambang..i got it from my kampung longkang (drain)..can u believe it has such a beautiful purple flowers although it came from such a place?

i dont know her name but it has tiny white flowers...i put her under my bamboo tree..

This is lotus..i have 2 types of is red and one is white..sadly it was not flowering for quite some times..i think she was merajuk because i neglected her quite a long time...

this week i took a photos of my water plants..i used to go crazy about them several years ago but not anymore..the reason was it needed a very big pot and of course without any holes on it so it could collected water. and mind you, the pots are quite expensive.. :(

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