Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Collection of Pitcher Plants

Today i would like to share with u my collections of pitcher plants. i'm really crazy about them. if i go to the nursery and i see this plant hanging waiting to be bought i will surely grab it as fast as i could. especially if the species are rare. but the price quite expensive...

this is my first collection of pitcher plant or periuk kera..the nursery owner said it came from thailand but dont ask me the scientific name. all is picher plants or the other name is monkey Cup. maybe the the monkeys used the picher as their cup because it can collecting water. i dont know wether its true or not.

this species have a very small cup

s pitchers come out from the earth..
the biggest pictcher of all..

this one i collected from my friend's kampung. Tumbuh menjalar je dalam semak.

this one is very nice..pinkish and greenish color

the difference is the shape of the cup

my latest collections and the most expensive..RM80.00

the nicest color..maroon with dot dot dot hehehe...
if u have another different species please let me know.


  1. Salam, thanks singgah blog saya. Actually saya pun suka ada laman yg cantik, cuba tak cukup ruang je. Selamat berkenalan.

  2. visiting kawan lama...nice garden :D

  3. Its a plant that is so special.. because it represents the splinter group within the family of plants. They consume little animals or rather insects to survive. We never grow these so far... One day we will get one!
    ~bangchik and kakdah

  4. Its very nice info,i enjoy to readits.