Sunday, July 4, 2010

Latest addition : Potato Tree

this is the latest addition of plants in my garden. Potto tree!! i dont know why it is called potato because i dont see any potato up on the tree.hahaha.but i like the color of the flowers, blue and white.

Native to Brazil, Potato tree is a small tree widely cultivated in the tropics. It is not actually potato, but belongs to the potato family. This plant grows quickly into a bushy tree of 15 feet in height and 15' wide. Grown for its ornamental purpose. The leaves are large, lobed and prickly. Flowers are fragrant and change their color from white to pink to lavender. It requires a rich soil for good growth. Suited for planting singly. Propagated by seeds. The Solanum family is very large, consisting of nearly 1500 species ranging from vegetables like the potato and aubergine, to ornamental shrubs and climbers, plus a number of weeds. Some, as their


  1. nice plant why potato tree odd name for a plant it has got nice flower ki$$.

  2. salam... wahhh cantek munga orkid ni... hmm wat hias dlm umah.. lagi ler menarik.. ehehe..

    re: dah makan sago tu kat restoran? wahhh ade graviti ni.. masuk blog akak nampak lagi.. kan.. h ehehehe.. dappp ooo...

  3. refer to orkid kat bawah..
    ni bunga terung??? hmmmm... rajin bergambor mlm2 yer.. hihihi...

  4. Saya juga ada koleksi foto bunga terung begini. Ada banyak jenis terung dan bunganya juga tidak serupa.

  5. hai..pertama kali suka pd bunga..tapi kalo tmn tumbuh daun je yg segar..