Monday, July 12, 2010

New Members in WalizGarden : Phals

well, during my free time i would love to browse peoples blogs especially about i stumbled upon this blog called Orchid Ibu dan aisyah . some of the gorgeous orchids are on sales! i just happened to fall in love with phals (dont ask me whats is the real name. so i managed to order it is!

name : violecea?

name : tetrapis?

name : not sure wht it is

name : david lim , i hope he can survive.

belina blue, not yet blomm.

fruit of the Potato tree.
enjoy !!


  1. nice plants. I also love to plant.

  2. Nice to see your page of plants.

  3. 1st. Pic. Phal. David Lim
    2nd. Pic. maybe Phal. sumatrana.

    Nice Plant.

  4. Wow..lawa-lawa la bunga nye...Thanks..

  5. thanks for visiting me here friends